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Visual Studio 2015 Community

For Individuals

Any individual developer can use Visual Studio Community to create their own free or paid apps.

For Organizations

An unlimited number of users within an organization can use Visual Studio Community for the following scenarios: in a classroom learning environment, for academic research, or for contributing to open source projects.

For all other usage scenarios:
In non-enterprise organizations, up to five users can use Visual Studio Community. In enterprise organizations (meaning those with >250 PCs or >$1 Million US Dollars in annual revenue), no use is permitted beyond the open source, academic research, and classroom learning environment scenarios described above.

For more information, see the Visual Studio Community license terms.

For Windows Desktop, Universal Windows Platform, iOS, and Android

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Move photos from iPhone to local disk with Windows Explorer

Windows treats the iPhone as either a digital camera or a file system, depending on how the photos are accessed. On a Windows PC, the easiest way to get pictures from your iPhone is to just use Windows Explorer, but there are two ways to go about this. In either case, unlock the iPhone before beginning, or else the photos may not be visible.

Using Windows Plug & Play
This utilizes the pop-up that shows by default in Windows when a device is connected to the computer by way of USB.

      1. Plug-in your iPhone to the computer without iTunes running
      2. Wait for a popup asking you what you want to do with the device
      3. Select “View Content”
      4. Find your photos through the folders that are displayed
      5. Copy the images from Windows as usual

Using iPhone as Digital Camera in Windows Explorer
If your iPhone is already plugged into the PC, you can also try this method:

      1. Open “My Computer”
      2. Find the iPhone, it will appear under Portable Devices section
      3. Open iPhone to find your Photos
      4. Select the pictures you want to copy and paste them to the desired location of your computer

Remember, if the iPhone pictures are not showing up in Windows, make sure the iPhone is unlocked first. Otherwise the iPhone will be found in ‘My Computer’ but all of the content on it will be invisible and inaccessible. If you run into that, all you need to do is touch the iPhone, unlock the screen and enter the passcode, and all of your stuff will be visible as expected.


Responsive Web Design – Test if your page is mobile friendly

There are several tools, you may find, to test if your page is mobile friendly but I think it’s also very important to get a good ranking at Google and maybe not yet but for sure in the future mobile friendliness will also be a big criteria ….

So I recommend using Google’s mobile friendliness test:


How to do a screen shot (screen capture, print screen) on Mac OS X

Since several month now I am working on a MacBook Pro.

Mostly using Windows 7, first via Boot Camp now via Parallels.
But I am also using more and more it’s native operating system
(Mac OS X Version 10.6.8) and also Mac OS Applications.

The first trivia I had to check out was how to do a “screen shot”
(“screen capture”, “print screen”) – I found this very simple ways:

Screen shot of complete desktop:

  • Hold down ‘Shift key’‘Apple key
  • Press ‘Key 3’
  • Done – you will find the picture on your desktop
Screen shot of part of desktop:
  • Hold down ‘Shift key’ + ‘Apple key 
  • Press ‘Key 4’
  • The cursor will change to a ‘cross selection’-style
  • Select any portion of the screen (with two clicks)
  • Done – you will find the picture on your desktop
Screen shot of a application window:
  • Hold down ‘Shift key’ + ‘Apple key 
  • Press ‘Key 4’
  • Press ‘Space Bar’
  • The cursor will change to a ‘camera’-style
  • Select the application window (one click)
  • Done – you will find the picture on your desktop
And yes, this is very very easy to do ! 🙂
(On Windows 7, I mostly use the ‘Snipping Tool’)