CADClick ccDesigner


CADClick is a well known product configuration software used by a lot of prominent companies and we are one of the main development contributors.

  • Imagine … 🙂
  • Imagine, your marketing department can provide all your product specific information without having to be a engineering specialist
  • Imagine, your construction department will never again spend hours for simplifying and sending CAD-data to your customers
  • Imagine, your customers will see all your product dimensions in highest quality without seeing your product know-how
  • Imagine, your customers can get all information about your product from all over the world
  • Imagine, you can publish your products on a internet CAD portal that is freely available to millions of CAD users worldwide
  • Imagine, your IT-department will be able to integrate viewing, configuring and exporting your products to all major CADs

Sounds good to you? – Talk to us!

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