Some WebSites Collect Data from Online Forms Before You Click Submit

After typing some information to an online form closing the tab or editing your information sometimes makes no difference because as soon as you have typed or auto-filled some data into the online form, some websites capture it already automatically in the background using JavaScript, even if you haven’t clicked the Submit button.

During an investigation, Gizmodo has discovered that some websites invisibly and automatically grab typed information as soon as you fill out the web form before you hit ‘Send’ or ‘Submit.’

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How to Create a Separate Page for Blog Posts in WordPress

We just added a separate page for our Blog Posts using this guideline found here :

Most important step is to create two pages, one called ‘Home’ as entry for your static Homepage and one called  ‘Blog’ for listing all your blog posts.

Then set the two pages under  > Settings > Readings in your Dashboard:

  • Enable Frontpage displays ‘A static page (select below)’
  • Set Front Page to ‘Home’
  • Set Posts Page to ‘Blog’